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Let Sterling Culligan Water handle all of your office drinking water needs. Show your employees you care by providing them with safer, cleaner Culligan water that will keep them hydrated, happy and working hard.

Bottleless Cooler Benefits by Businesses

Bottleless Cooler Benefits Videos

Bottleless Coolers Save Space

Is your utility closet or an entire wall of your facility cluttered with full five-gallon bottles? Are employees tripping over empty bottles? Reclaim that space for something more practical (or fun)! The only space you need to reserve for the Bottleless® Cooler is the cooler itself.

Bottleless Coolers Save Time

No more paperwork, no more scheduling deliveries, no more monthly billing. With Bottleless®, you’ll have more time to gather around the water cooler and boost employee morale.

Bottleless Coolers Keep You Safe

Placing a 45 pound Culligan® water bottle on the cooler can be a laborious task. And opening the bottle means exposure to airborne contaminants. A Culligan Bottleless® Cooler hooks directly to a water line, preserving your health while delivering great filtered water.

Bottleless Coolers Keep You Healthy

It’s important to stay hydrated even when you’re not working out. Your brain and organs need water to function. The Bottleless Cooler ® provides a continuous supply of drinking water, keeping everyone hydrated and increasing staff productivity with an easy and quick filling station.

Safety First with a Hands-Free Foot Pedal

This innovative add-on features hands-free design for no-touch, instantaneous dispensing of cold water. With ‘plug and play’ functionality, the WS Touchless-Dispense Foot Pedal is easy to retrofit with no cutting or splicing necessary, and an eye-catching yellow color for safety.

Wellsys 12000 & 15000 Bottleless Coolers

The Wellsys 12000 and 15000 models provide endless filtered water for your workplace in compact designs – and they now include ice! These coolers feature multistage filtration and mineral enhancing technology to balance pH and restore valuable nutrients.

Touchless Dispense – PSD

Retrofit your Bottleless Cooler with the Touchless-Dispense PSD Sensor to enjoy hot and cold water, hands-free! Advanced sensor technology ensures water only dispenses when YOU want it to. See the touchless-dispense sensor in action!

Product Brochures & Manuals

Bottleless Water Cooler Products

Wellsys 12000 & 15000Brochure + Video
Pure Water 3i & Pure Water 3i + AlkalineBrochure + Video
BluV Water Purification SystemBrochure
Pure Water Deionized Water SystemsBrochure

Bottled Water Cooler Products

Culligan Bottled Water DispenserBrochure + Video
Culligan Bottom Load Bottled Water DispenserBrochure

Bottleless Water Cooler Upgrades and Accessories

Wellsys Ice Dispenser CoolerBrochure + Video
Culligan BluSoda Bottleless Water CoolerBrochure
Keurig K155 Office ProBrochure
WS Touchless-Dispense Foot PedalBrochure + Video

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