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Better Water
means Better Business

Sterling Culligan Water Commercial & Industrial Solutions

We specialize in Drinking Water,
Water Softening, Filtration and More

No matter the size of your business, Sterling Culligan Water has the solution for you - with options such as bottleless and bottled water coolers, water softeners, reverse osmosis filtration and deionization. Our full-service approach can provide you with the right system for your specific industry or office needs.

The Best Name in Water Comes in Bottleless and Bottled Solutions

Let Sterling Culligan Water handle all of your office drinking water needs. Show your employees you care by providing them with safer, cleaner Culligan water that will keep them hydrated, happy and working hard.

Save your office space, time, money and the planet with our bottleless water coolers. The best alternative to bottled water, a bottleless water cooler means an unlimited supply of filtered, bottled-quality water for your employees and less hassle for you. Available upgrades now include ice, hands-free dispensing and continuous disinfection.

Get the great-tasting, filtered drinking water or
high-quality, ultrapure water your business needs

bottleless water coolers
& bottled water coolers

Refreshing, on-demand water for your employees and customers.

reverse-osmosis filtration
& ultraviolet filtration

Remove sediment, pathogens, particulates & contaminants.

water softening
& deionization

Remove minerals & salts, prevent costly equipment maintenance.


Healthcare providers require the highest quality water. Sterling Culligan Water specializes in systems for laboratory grade water, analyzer feed systems, dialysis clinics, specimen processing equipment, washer-decontaminators, boiler feed systems and laundry systems to meet the needs of the healthcare industry.


The Manufacturing process requires specific types of water and a certain level of efficiency. Sterling Culligan Water specializes in ultrapure and high-purity water, brine reclamation, boiler feed systems, water heating systems, dishwashing systems and laundry systems to meet the needs of the manufacturing industry.

Consult with our water specialists today

Discover how Sterling Culligan Water can save your business time and money.

Hands-Free Filtration

With an increased focus on employee health and safety, we are committed to providing drinking water solutions that limit shared touch surfaces and feature improved sanitization methods. Available hands-free options reduce unnecessary touching and exposure, while certain ozone and UV technologies can sterilize harmful viruses up to 99.9% in 30 seconds.

Service & Engineering

Our service technicians are capable of servicing all makes and models of commercial and industrial water treatment systems. Whether you have a Culligan water treatment system or a competitor's, you can count on Sterling Culligan Water to provide ongoing maintenance and monitoring, engineered support, exceptional customer service and 24-hour emergency service.

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