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Curling competition in Eau Claire


Eau Claire Curling Club
Located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Water Treatment Problems and Solutions

Curling clubs throughout the Midwest need high-quality water for ice production and maintenance. Quality is essential for the performance of this sport. “Flooding” of the ice services is completed in stages to ensure proper installation. Reduction of TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) in water used for ice production improves the ice surface.

Culligan helps the Eau Claire Curling Club produce this high quality water with a wide array of water treatment systems, including a Culligan Twin Water Softening System, a Culligan M2-3 series Reverse Osmosis System, carbon filtration System, 750 gallon storage tank, repressurization pump and polish Culligan Portable Exchange DI Tank.

This multi-step treatment results in high-quality water that freezes into hard, smooth, clear ice that is perfect for curling.


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